It's nothing more than a comic-style, anime short film, or rather a trailer, for the DEMO category of the Homelab 3 program development competition. Soon, a 3D FPS game will be made out of it.

HOMELAB-3 microcomputer.

"It's a little more yellow, a little sour, but it's ours."

HOMELAB machines were designed by two brothers, József and Endre Lukács. HOMELAB-3 was completed by the summer of 1983. The CPU is a Z80 with a 3MHz clock. There are machines equipped with 16, 32, and 64 kB RAM in terms of memory. It includes a 16-bit PIO and a tape recorder. No Hi-Res graphics, "only" characters, but at least with a nice big 64X32 resolution. Due to this and the character set, there is at least a 128X96 pseudo-graphics mode. You either have a sound chip or you don't, well.. mostly none. However, it has a beeper, which does not require turning off the picture, so something can be said next to the picture. It's no longer a net during the game.

After 4 decades, if you still have a working HOMELAB-3, you can working circuits a bit with this demo. (download)